Imperfectly Criminal by Mary Frame

Imperfectly Criminal - Mary Frame


Imperfectly Criminal begins when Freya ends up hitting the local "mob guy", as she calls him, with her car. Now, there's a major issue with him being accused of murder, but the main issue is he didn't do it. And he wants Freya to help him get out of it, and find who did murder those people. Freya is reluctant at first, but after thinking it over, she agrees to help Dean. These two didn't expect to form a friendship, or anything more but that is exactly what happened. Dean and Freya have a very sweet and funny relationship, and it gets better as the story goes on. But they are still having issues with the murder chargers, and Freya's ex-boyfriend coming around as well. 


Imperfectly Criminal is a great second book in this series. I loved Freya! She's a lot different in this one than in the first book, and I totally adored her. She's very out there, and kind of goofy sometimes. And Dean was a great hero, and just perfect for her. They each sort of balanced each other out. And there wasn't a lot of major will they won't they type of drama. These two were both pretty honest with the issues and baggage they had, and decided to work together to figure it all out. 

I adored that about this story, and it made me fall in love with the characters even more. 


The plot line was also very interesting. While I felt at times the murder charges weren't a big deal, they did end up playing a huge part in the story towards the end. And then the whole twist was not something I was expecting either. It turned out really well. And I really hope there is another book in this series, because the author has a way with writing heroines who are different, quirky, and totally honest. I love that!