Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Dream a Little Dream - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Dream a Little Dream begins when Rachel Stone returns to Salvation. She has no where else to go, no money, no home, and now no car to get away in. She's looking for the money her late husband was said to have before he was to be arrested. But things get a little complicated when she meets Gabe Bonner. 


Gabe just wants to be left alone. He misses his family every day, and life is miserable, but that's how he wants it. Until she comes along. Rachel turns his world upside down, and he doesn't know what to do with it. But she also has a child, Edward, who he can't seem to get away from even though he wants to. 


These two have a rocky start, but eventually build a relationship that neither one was expecting. But each of them must let go of the past in order to move forward. And that will be a lot harder than it seems. 


I adored this book! I loved the whole plot from start to finish. And I couldn't get enough of Rachel and Gabe. Especially because Rachel was so feisty, and not afraid to do what ever it took to keep her son safe and happy! She was a great strong character, and wonderful mother in this story, and I enjoyed reading everything about her! 


Gabe on the other hand was a little different. I truly felt very bad for him, but at first I thought he was extremely mean to Rachel and her son. But that didn't stop Rachel from standing up for herself, and child. Eventually though Gabe got better, and I really enjoyed seeing him standing up for her through out the book! 


So, over all this book was really really good! I totally enjoyed the whole story, and characters. And it was also great getting to see some of the other characters from previous books as well! And of course we got to see the third Bonner brother getting his romance right along with Gabe's romance as well.