Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis

Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis

Animal Attraction begins with us getting to know a little bit about Jade and Dell. They work in the same Veterinarian clinic, and have a mutual attraction to each other that neither of them want to act on. But when Jade decides she must go back to her family things start to shift in their relationship. And when she starts having flashbacks of past horrors things take a turn for the worse. Now, Jade and Dell must deal with the past if they are ever going to have a future.


Animal Attraction was really good. I loved the humor, the plot, and most of the characters. It was a very interesting story with lots of drama. I really enjoyed Jade and Dell together as well. They made a very good couple, and a powerful working team as well.

The only issue I had was the book was about Jade leaving. That just didn't make sense to me, and I felt like the way Jade handled it was kind of dumb. It really bugged me, but I loved the end. It was really sweet, even though it doesn't give us a lot of details of what happens with them it still ends with an HEA.