The Other Side of Envy by C.L. Stone

The Other Side of Envy (The Academy) (Volume 8) - Thomas C. Stone

The Other Side of Envy begins with Sang wanting to spend more time with Gabriel. She misses him, and wants to let him know she really cares about him. The problem is a world of trouble seems to follow Sang where ever she goes, and now she has people following her and some other issues with Gabriel as well. And it all comes to a head for her when she finds out about the other team that has a bird on it, and how they make it work. 


I really enjoyed this book a whole lot. I was very excited about Sang's reaction to the other team. I'm only a little nervous about how some of the other guys will react, but I hope they find out soon. I loved the whole plot line of this one. And I really enjoyed all of the characters as well. It was nice to see more of Gabriel too. The only issue I had was it was the ending. I couldn't believe that's how it ended, and that Gabriel was going to keep secrets from Sang. It drove me nuts.  But now I'm looking forward to the next book!