Black Magic Shadow (Discord Jones #5) by Gayla Drummond

Black Magic Shadows: A Discord Jones Novel (Volume 5) - Gayla Drummond


Black Magic Shadows begins with Cordi and her partner having a new case. This time they are looking for a missing mirror, and it could have been any elf, demon, or other magical creature out there it seems. Not only is she having to worry about that, but she’s also seeing things, and thinks she’s losing her mind. Then there is the elf who won’t leave her along, and she greatly misses Logan. Things start to heat again for Cordi in this adventure filled paranormal series.


Black Magic Shadows was a book I had been greatly looking forward to. I think this book started out great. It had me really hooked on the story line, and all of the drama in Cordi’s life. I do however, feel like towards the end it sort of started speeding up pretty quickly without a lot of depth to it, and not much explaining in detail either.


But other than that I really enjoyed the whole story. I loved getting to see old characters from previous books, and a few new characters as well. It was a really good read, and I look forward to more in this series! I just hope there will be a little more romance in the next one!