Calamity Jena by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Calamity Jena (Invertary Book 4) - Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Calamity Jena begins when Jena's ex-boyfriend shows up in her new town in Scotland. Jena left him months ago because he cheated on her, and she was done with it. Now, she believes he has connections with the mob, and is after more than she's willing to give. With the help of Matt, the local town cop, and the rest of the town Jena now lives in she's being kept safe for the moment. But "Calamity Jena" isn't ever safe for very long, especially after her strange clumsiness, and with her feelings for Matt growing things are getting complicated.

Calamity Jena is a hilarious, heart warming story that pulls you in and leaves you feeling warm and squishy on the inside.
It has a clumsy heroine, and more than one macho alpha male, with the "mine" syndrome. The story is wonderful with adventure, drama, some spicy romance, and of course lots of laughs. But it never went over the top, it was just the right blend all mixed together in this Calamity!
This is a must read for those of you who like romance and lots of laughs!