Sparkling Stilettos by Jess Wright

Sparkling Stilettos: Sparkling Book 1 - Jess Wright



Sparkling Stilettos starts out very interesting. Megan is getting married to a man she thought she wanted everything with. But after she changes the game plan at the last minuet her life starts to spiral out of control. And after she gets more opportunities to promote her business, and runs into a sexy man who asks her out, it seems it changes even more than she could have imaged. But something out there is going to try to bring Megan down, and she must do what she can to stop it. 


This book just ended up being very boring for me. I started off liking it, but then by the end I just wasn't into it any longer. And I was annoyed with the characters. The plot line for the most part was okay, just not that interesting. So, overall the book was just not for me.