Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

Magic Shifts  - Ilona Andrews

Magic Shifts begins with Curran and Kate having to deal with some new trouble in the city. If you read the last book then you know that Kate has taken on some new responsibility. But it comes with a major price. Not only that but they are having to help members from the pack that are leaving to join them. This isn't the only problem, Kate's daddy is bringing some problems as well. And when she does something else to put her life in danger it could end in major disaster for them all. 


I had waiting anxiously for this book to come due to the way the other one ended. And I wasn't disappointed. The only issue I have is, now I have to wait for major stuff to happen in the next one because of the way this one ended. 

I loved getting to see Curran and Kate in a new light, without the "Beast Lord" being an issue. It was totally awesome. I also loved getting to see softer sides to them too. And I'm super duper excited for the next book. 


This book had a great story line, and as always some great characters. Even some new ones too. Now, just have to wait for the next one.