Bleeding Love by Harper Sloan

Bleeding Love - Harper Sloan
Bleeding Love begins when Liam and Megan finally succumb to their lust. The issue is Megan feels like she can't move on from the past. And she believes her little one is the only one she has now. But Lee isn't going to give up. When he wants something he fights for it, and he's going to pull out all the stops to get Megan right where he wants her. 
I liked this one. I really enjoyed the plot line, and I liked both of the main characters as well. I was a little bit annoyed with something in the book that I felt should have held more weight on both of the characters, but it didn't seem to play a big part in the story at all, and that kind of confused me. Other than that I enjoyed this one! And I look forward to more in this series.