Fighting to Breathe by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Fighting to Breathe - Aurora Rose Reynolds
Lea and Austin were high school sweethearts. They each knew at a young age that they would get married and live happily ever after. But when some tragic things happen to Lea, their whole world gets turned upside and she runs. 
Now, fifteen years later, Lea is back to take care of her mother. And she's going to be seeing Austin again. Neither of them realized that their feelings were still strong, but as it gets harder to fight their feelings and attraction the past comes back to bite them... 
Fighting to Breathe was really good. I also totally adore the name of the series!! ;) 
This store was something I wasn't expecting. It brings out a whole lot of emotion throughout the book and it made a really interesting story. 
The characters were another great thing to the story. I loved both the hero and heroine. The hero was really awesome at standing by the heroine, especially when things got really bad. And the heroine was strong in her own way considering everything she went through. I did feel like a little bit of the drama was just glossed over with her ex-husband, but other than that I enjoyed the whole book. And I do look forward to more in this series!