Hold on (The Burg Series #6) by Kristen Ashley

Hold On (The 'Burg Series) (Volume 6) - Kristen Ashley



Hold On begins when Merry finally gets the news that his ex-wife is officially moving on. As he drinks his sorrows away with his good friend Cher at the bar things take a turn neither expected. Cher has had a hell of a life so far. A lot is just dumb luck, the other is her being not so smart. And now, she's working her butt off to provide for her son, and give him a good life. She's also been in love with Merry for the past five years, but chose to bury it. And after something shifts in their relationship she's afraid of what's going to happen next. 


Both of these two people who have lived through a different kind of hell and back are trying to work through their baggage to find their happy. But it might not be so easy for either of them. When ghosts from the past keep coming back and making their life even harder. 


I adored Cher. She was the perfect heroine. She's a complete badass while also being a good woman and sweet. The relationship between her and her son was also something beautiful to witness. And I adored how she was with Merry, then how she was with the rest of the guys as well. 

And Merry, he was great as well. It was really nice to see his side of things that Rocky went through, and to see him fight for the woman he wanted. It was beautiful. 


This was a wonderful conclusion to the Burg Series!