Hollywood Dirty by Alessandra Torre

Hollywood Dirt - Alessandra Torre
Hollywood Dirt begins when actor Cole Masten has his world turned upside down. Now, he's on his way to a small town to shoot a movie he's making. The problem is as soon as he gets there and realizes life is a little bit different there, and meets Summer, the one woman who doesn't fall at his feet,  everything takes a crazy turn.  Summer has been an outcast in her town for a while now. Everyone treats her differently because of somethings she's done in the past. Now, when the chance is offered to her to make a lot of money, she takes it with the thought of getting out of that crazy town once and for all. However, she never counted on Cole Masten, and all his drama. 
This book started out pretty funny, and interesting. But after a while it got a little bit boring and frustrating. I did like the story over all though. 
And I also really liked the characters, but towards the end I just felt like something was missing. Not exactly sure what it was, but it just didn't feel complete somehow. 
But I did like it, and it was pretty funny at times.