The Other P-Word by m.K. Schiller

The Other P-Word - M.K. Schiller
 The Other P-Word begins when Billie has a really crappy day and goes to a bar she knows Evan, a guy she meet a few weeks ago, will be. After having a night to get her sorrows out, she realizes that she and Evan would be really good friends. But the problem is both want more, but she knows he's not going to stay in town long and she will most likely get her heart crushed. However, along the way she realizes that she can't hold back any longer, and that maybe her best chance is to give him a reason to stay with her... 
This book was really good. I enjoyed the plot line from start to finish! I also really liked Evan and Billie, although both of them had me frustrated a time or two during the story. 
It was also really nice to see characters from the previous books, and how they were managing life now.  
This book made me laugh, cry, and even had a few steamy scenes as well. I can not wait for more in this series.