Dirty Deeds by Liliana Hart

Dirty Deeds (Kindle Single) (J.J. Graves Mysteries) - Liliana Hart

Dirty Deeds begins with Jack and JJ on their honeymoon. They finally have time to themselves secluded on a island with lots of beach and sand. But that changes when a murder takes place in this close knit community, and the local cop asks for their help. Jack and JJ can't say no when a dead body is in the mix, but before it is all said and done they may have regretted their decision to help out. 


Dirty Deeds was really good! I really enjoyed getting to see Jack and Jaye finally together, and relaxing a little bit anyways. And the story of this one was really unique and very interesting. It also showed how different, yet similar Jack and Jaye are as well. I look forward to more in this series!