Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep begins when Dina, the local innkeeper, has a run in with a beast attacking animals in her town. She knows she's not suppose to get involved, but when she knows things are about to get worse she must do what she can to stop it before innocent people get hurt. The problem is it may be a lot harder than she imagined, and add in a some weird vampires and a crazy werewolf and you've got a whole mess of things.

Clean Sweep was a nice and interesting read. But I'm sad to say it didn't pull me into it like some of this author's other books have. I felt like something was missing, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I liked the story, and the whole plot line. And I liked the main characters for the most part. But I just wanted more. I do hope to read more in the series, so hopefully I will fall more into the story later on.