Corrigan Rage (Corrigan #3) by Helen Harper

Corrigan Rage (Corrigan: Blood Destiny Book 3) - Helen   Harper

Corrigan ends up finding Mack finally. But things aren't that great. She's trying to help out the mages, and Corrigan doesn't want her there. But it may not be his choice, Mack must do what she has to do. And Corrigan is going to help the birds in the Tower before something bad happens to them. However, he may be too late. This time he must help Mack and the mages, but he ends up finding out more about her than he ever thought possible.

I enjoyed getting to see more of Corrigan's feelings in this one. And more interaction between Corrigan and Mack. But I also enjoyed getting to see how Corrgian is handling his job as Lord Alpha, and how life in with the pack is going. It was also interesting to see him set out on his own to help people out.