One King's Way by Samantha Young

One King's Way: The On Dublin Street Series - Samantha Young

One King's Way begins when Rain decides to get back at her sister's ex boyfriend. This quest brings her to Craig's bar. He sees her imminently and then takes the chance to flirt with her like he does all the other woman around. But she doesn't fall for his charms, and when she continues with her quest, and he tries to make her fall for him things get crazy.

This was a short story that gives us the HEA for Craig. We've all read about Craig before, but in this one we really get to know him. And Rain is the perfect match for him. Together these two were amazing.

This was a really good book. BUT I did get seriously annoyed with Craig and Rain both for the dumb fights they had. Some of the things that they fought about or tired to use against the other was dumb to me. I got annoyed with that, but the ending was really great, and I enjoyed getting to read about other characters from the previous books!