The Offer by Karina Halle

The Offer - Karina Halle
The Offer begins when Nicola has a very odd encounter with her best friend's brother-in-law. She finds out he's a real playboy and she doesn't want any part of that around her. Especially since she has a little girl to take care of. But as time goes on and he tries to get more from her things start to change between them. Bram wants to turn over a new leaf. He's made a lot of mistakes in the past and now he doesn't ever want to go back to being that man, but when he meets Nicola things change for him. He wants her, and he will do whatever it takes to get her. 
But it's not always so simple or easy, and these two take the hard road before they can find happily ever after. 
The Offer was an interesting story, with some laughs, lots of drama and a dash of angst. It didn't really heat my blood, or reel me in like other books like this one, but it was still something enjoyable to read. Over all the characters were interesting, and the story was well written. 
The main thing I didn't like was how the ending just kind of happened. It felt like there wasn't much that was fixed between the two main characters, and we didn't get much about their happily ever after. I just kind of expected more. 
Other than that the book was okay, and I did like it.