Midnight Pursuits by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Pursuits - Elle Kennedy
Midnight Pursuits begins when Juliet ends up calling Ethan when she needs help. He hops the first plane to get to her, but she's not having it. She doesn't want his help but realizes she must use it to get the job done. But this time it isn't just a job for Juliet, this time it is personal. Ethan can't stop thinking about Juliet, and when he finally gets the opportunity to help her out, he decides it is time to make his move. Now, he must help her, protect her, and figure out how to make her his. 
This book was amazing! I adored both of the main characters, and the whole plot line in this one. This one seemed to bring a whole lot more emotion into than the other books did. And Ethan and Juliet make a wonderful couple. I also really loved what she did towards the end, it made her a hero in my eyes. She was just that awesome! This one was by far my favorite of the series so far. Now, I'm even more excited to read more.