The Trouble with Christmas by Debbie Mason

The Trouble with Christmas (Christmas, Colorado) by Mason, Debbie (2013) Mass Market Paperback - Debbie Mason
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The Trouble with Christmas begins when Madison is forced to go to Christmas, Colorado in order to appease the townspeople of the deal she ended. But with her boss's family trying to take over the business and her job, she must do everything she can to help the media see her as someone other than the Grinch. But when she meets Sheriff Gage and his two girls things get more complicated. Especially since Gage seems to want to hide the things between them because of others in the town. Now, they must both decide what's most important before they each loose their chance at love. 
This book started out really good! I enjoyed the humor and the wonderful story, but then around 50-60% I felt like the story shifted. I really hated the way the Gage treated his relationship with Madison. I didn't completely understood why he did the things he did, and it frustrated me. So, while I enjoyed the rest of the story this kind of killed some of the joy and awesomeness from the book for me. 
Other than that I enjoyed Madison's relationship with Gage's girls, and her relationship with the others in the town. This book was really funny at times, and I did really like it!