Blood of the Son by J.L. McCoy

Blood of the Son - J.L. McCoy

Blood of the Son begins when Skye is done with college and needs money to help pay off her loans. She ends up getting a job making a whole lot of money for a very handsome man, and she also ends up attracted to both him and his brother. But these men are not normal, and the more time Skye spends with them, the more she realizes that they are both different and it's getting harder to fight the attraction to them both. 


This book was okay. It wasn't really good, but not bad either. I had hard time connected with the characters, and I really didn't understand the way Archer acted towards the end. It drove me nuts. 


Other than that this story was interesting and held my attention from start to finish. I'm not sure if this is a series I will continue reading, but it was a nice read to pass the time with.