Play (Stage Dive #2) by Kyle Scott

Play - Kylie Scott
Pick It For Me Challenge! 
Play begins when Anne looses her roommate and friend. The girl just vanishes and leaves Anne with rent and more bills to pay. So, Anne's next door neighbor decides to bring her to a Stage Dive party. Anne has always loved that band, the drummer in particular, but when she actually ends up meeting him, it's a very strange meeting indeed. Mal and Anne start off their very strange journey together in a really strange way, but some how feelings start getting involved with both for both of them and things get complicated. 
This book was a real surprise for me. I had to read it due to the Pick It For Me Challenge, and I really enjoyed it. I loved Anne! I really loved the vibe I got off of her, and how she sort of just decided to go with the flow of everything. She and Mal had a very strange chemistry but it was very cool and I loved it! 
The plot line was very interesting, and kept you glued to the story, and seeing all the side characters was great too!