When I'm With You by Harper Sloan

When I'm with You (Hope Town Book 3) - Harper Sloan
This story begins when Ember decides to finally confess her feelings to Nate. She's been in love with him forever, and now she finally feels it's time to let him know. However, it doesn't exactly go has planned. And now years later after lots of drama, Nate finally wants her to know how he feels. But he may just be too late. 
This book was another great addition to this series. I adored Nate and Ember together. They were great! I also really liked the story line, even though it was slightly predicable. 
The other great thing about this one was the relationship between Nate and Ember's father. That was just amazing. I loved those two together, and I thought they brought a whole lot more to this story. 
All in all it was a really good read, and I loved the happily ever after as well.