Fractured by Suzanne Wright

Fractured (The Deep in Your Veins Series Book 5) - Suzanne  Wright
Fractured begins when Imani and her friends end up in a bar fight. It wouldn't have been all that bad if the man she had a fling with wasn't the one to help break it up. But that's exactly what happened. And now, he wants another chance. But this time he's never letting her go. 
These two have to build trust in each other, and have to deal with all of their friends having something against them being together, but they are going to stand strong together no matter what. 
But that could end up being the least of their worries when the past comes back to bite them. 
This was a great addition to this series! I adored Imani and Butch together. They balanced each other out really well, and I enjoyed their banter as well. I also adored how Butch fought for Imani, it was amazing. 
It was also great to see previous characters from other books in this one as well. I also really liked the story line too. It held a lot of action, romance, and some major internal drama. And it ended with an HEA, and maybe a hint of a new book too.