Manacle by Bella Jewel

Manacle (MC Sinners Next Generation Book 3) - Lauren K. McKellar, Bella Jewel
Manacle begins with Danny and Skye not doing very good. Skye is trying to move away and get over Danny, but it's not as easy as she thought. And Danny just wanted her to stay with him. These two love each other, but neither one is will to give into the other. This leads them on a horrible heartbreak when they each find other people to bring into their madness. 
This book was actually slightly disappointing. The other books in this series have been wonderful, but this one just wasn't as great as them. I spent half of the book hating Skye and the other half hating Danny. 
It was sad at times, and interesting for the most part, but the hero and heroine really turned me off of the book. It drove me nuts the way they acted so selfish towards each other and other people. 
Other than that I liked the book, and it was interesting to see more characters from the other series by this author as well.