Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O'Roark

Waking Olivia - Elizabeth O'Roark

Waking Olivia begins when Olivia gets to her new school and has to meet with the track coaches. She knows that she has a bad reputation, but if they knew they truth they wouldn't believe it, so she keeps them thinking bad things about her.

However, her new track coach Will keeps pushing her and pushing her. And when he does find out her problem he will do everything he can to help her no matter what the cost is.

Will and Olivia have a major connection that they are both having a hard time denying. Well, only one of them is denying it, the other is finding it hard to believe.

This book blew me away, I was totally surprised and pleased with it. I loved the connection Will and Olivia had. It was truly beautiful, and made this story very emotional in some ways.

I also felt really bad for Olivia and everything she had gone through. And I was really pleased with how Will didn't give up on her. Even though I wanted to slap him several times during the book, I still thought he did great with her for the most part.

The only thing I didn't really like was the stuff towards the end with Olivia's dad. It felt like there just wasn't much to it and it was over so quickly. I was hoping for a little bit more from it, but I was very happy with the awesome ending and everything else!

This is a great read if you like new adult sports romances, with a damaged heroine and a strong hero.