Hell Spawn by J.C. Diem

Hell Spawn (Shifter Squad) (Volume 9) - J.C. Diem

Lexi and her friends know that now is crunch time, they must figure out a way to defeat the demons before the world is destroyed. The problem is none of them can figure out how exactly that's going to work. With tensions running high, and more romance blooms between members of the team Lexi is stressed to the max with the world on her shoulders.

But, she will do everything in her power to make sure the world will be safe no matter what the cost.

This book seems to be the final book in this series and I have to say it was okay, but not as great as previous books. I really enjoyed getting to see more of Lexi and Reese together. Though, some of the other romances were kind of odd to me. But, this one was filled with a lot of action, and drama.

And then towards the end it just felt like it was kind of rushed and ended quickly.

I really liked this series a lot and I look forward to reading more from this author.