Burned by Magic by Jasmine Walt

Burned by Magic: a New Adult Fantasy Novel (The Baine Chronicles Book 1) - Jasmine Walt, Mary Burnett

Sunaya is a dangerous person who has magic, and the Chief Mage now wants her in his clutches for things she's very unsure of. But there is a shifter killer out there and she's going to do everything she can in order to take them down, even if it means having to deal with the Chief Mage. 


This book was okay, but not great. I liked how the story line and I enjoyed the characters for the most part, but there was one that got on my nerves. It was one of Sunaya's friends and I believe that she will cause problems in the future books. I do look forward to more, but I was hoping for something more in this one that I didn't find. But I do hope it comes in time in the future books.