Murder on the Rocks by Allyson K. Abbott

Murder on the Rocks - Allyson K. Abbott

Murder on the Rocks begins when Mack finds a dead body in the ally behind her bar. This is the second body she's found in the past year, the first was her father, and now it was her father's girlfriend. Things aren't looking good for Mack, when the police think either she did it, or someone close to her did. The hot new detective in town has taken a personal interest in Mack, her ability, and something else about her as well. 


But Mack isn't sure what she's supposed to do now, and with the threat of danger looming over them, and the fact that she is seeing someone, and a murder suspect, things aren't looking great for these two. 


This book was really good, and a great start to this series. I enjoyed Mack, and her unique ability, although I wish she had a better attitude about it, but I'm hoping that changes in the next book. Also, I didn't like how Mack acted around the guy she was currently seeing, and then admitted that she felt different about the detective. That was beyond annoying, but other than that I thought it was a great story, with an awesome mystery. 


I can't wait to read more now.