Raid by Kristen Ashley

Raid  - Kristen Ashley

Wow, seriously just wow. Raid is truly one of the best Kristen Ashley books I've read by far. It has a little bit of Rock Chicks with Marcus Sloan, and then more of Knight and Creed! Also it shows you more Nick, Knight's brother, whose story I'm really looking forward too. Hanna has a wonderful shy yet no bull carp type of personality. She's known Raid since she was six, even though he doesn't remember her. He comes back from the marines a different man, definitely damage now. So it takes Hanna to help work him through this. Along the way you get to meet Hannah's great grandma who is ninety-eight years old, and hilarious. The epilogue was awesome, but sad. I loved this book, it made me laugh and cry and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters.