Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry, #3) by Simone Elkeles

Chain Reaction  - Simone Elkeles

Chain Reaction starts out when Luis goes back to live in Chicago. He is starting his senior year, and thinks things will be really good. But everything changes for the worse when he gets targeted by the head of the gang that has hurt his brothers in the past.

However, along the way Luis meets Nikki. The girl who has secrets, and doesn't trust guys. She knows there is something between her and Luis but she is bound and determined to keep her feelings away from him.

This third book to the series was some what of a disappointment. I was a little bit annoyed with the fact that Luis would talk to his brothers about everything going on, even though he knew his brothers had beaten this path before so I was really upset he was beings so stupid. Then I really hated Nikki for the way she treated Luis at first. It bothered me a lot, especially once he told her how he felt she just sort of threw it in his face. I really hated her for that. But in the end she majorly redeems herself. 

And the prologue was awesome. I really wish we could see what happens with Luis' son, because that just seemed super awesome. I won't say more because I don't want to ruin it. 

Over all I have to say this book was only okay. It was a major disappointed after reading, Rules of Attraction. I was hoping for a lot more with this one.
Now I just wish we got to see Luis sons' stories. That would be awesome.