Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2) by Simone Elkeles

Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles

Rules of Attraction begins when Carlos has to go live with his brother in Colorado to keep him out of trouble. But soon there he's getting into trouble by being set up by a drug lord.

So then he's sent to life with Kiara's family. The girl he loves to annoy. She's totally different from any girl he's ever know. She doesn't care about her appearance, she loves working on cars, and playing sports. And Kiara can't seem to stand Carlos very much either. But as she seems him around her little brother she gets glimpses of the real Carlos who isn't hiding behind the bad boy facade.

This book has romance, drama, and lots of bad boys. We get to see more of the characters from Perfect Chemistry, as well as new ones. I loved this book. I thought it was so much better than the first one. It was written very well, and I was in love with all of the characters.

The only thing I didn't like was what happened between Brittany and Alex. That just seemed sort of dumb, but I won't spoil it for you. 
Over all the book was super awesome, and now I'm excited to read the next. I highly recommend this book!