This Girl by Colleen Hoover

This Girl  - Colleen Hoover

This Girl is the third book in the Slammed series. And I have to admit I had my doubts about how good this one could really be but it seriously surpassed good. 

This one continues from where Point Of Retreat left off, but it takes us back through Slammed in "now" with Layken's thoughts on the things that happened as well. 

There is only one part I thought shouldn't have even been in the book in the first place. I don't remember how far it was in the book, but it was about Eddie and Gavin setting Will up with someone other then Layken. And this to me was so pointless. I don't think it should have actually "happened" to Will at all. Because to me this is just something that could have pushed them farther away from each other, and hurt Layken very badly so I thought adding it into the story, and at this point as well was just dumb. 

However, other than that one part I really enjoyed the book. And I loved the epilogue! I just wish we had gotten to see a little bit more of their lives in the future, and being married. But I did enjoy the book overall so I'm thankful for how much we did get to see!