Bully by Penelope Douglas

Bully (Fall Away) - Penelope Douglas

Tate has been bulled by her ex best friend (Jared) for the last few years, and now she's about to leave for a year to study in France. So she and her friend KC decide to go to a party one night hoping nothing will happen to her. But Tate is wrong, Jared strikes again doing something really mean to her. She leaves in tears. 

But when she comes back the next year, she realizes that she is tried of just letting things happen to her, so now she's fighting back. 

There seems to be a fine line between hate and love in this book for Tate, and maybe even Jared as well. But for Tate there is also a fine line between fighting back, and being a bully yourself. She has learn how she can fight back with out being a bully, and how she can cope with everything Jared is throwing at her. 

She's also having some strange things happen with the guys at school noticing her. And her best friend KC might be betraying her. 

This book has a lot of drama in it. It is set in high school, but it seems so much more mature than high school. There is a lot of bulling in this book, and it is an interesting thing to see someone stand up for themselves when this stuff happens. It made me really enjoy the book. It also made it more interesting when the bully, and the victim may love each other more than hate each other. Also all of the side characters were well written as well, and one of my favorite things was the racing. I loved that. So overall this book was really good, and I highly recommend it.