Out of Breath (The Breathing Series, #3) by Rebecca Donovan

Out of Breath  - Rebecca Donovan

The finally book in the Breathing series is about what happens to Emma since she left Weslyn and everyone there behind. She's a whole different person now. It's been almost two years since that time in her life, and she's not living, she just existing. 

This book was some what of a disappointment to me. I hated the stuff with Cole, and Jonathan. I really hated how Emma changed from a strong girl to someone who seemed so weak. It really bothered me. Then she still wouldn't let people get close to her. And all of the stuff with her mom too. I was just frustrated with how Emma turned out. 

I liked parts of the end of the book. But I sort of wish we could have seen if Emma got married, or what happened to her after college. Oh well, overall the book was okay. So far my favorite of the series was the first one.