Reason to Breathe (The Breathing Series, #1) by Rebecca Donovan

Reason to Breathe  - Rebecca Donovan

Reason to breathe shows you the struggle Emma goes through at home being abused. But it also shows you how she's constantly being hurt so she learned to shut off her emotions and not let anyone get close to her until Evan comes along. We also see the romantic relationship evolve between them, along with a wonderful friendship between Emma and Sarah. This book makes Even and Sarah a major success in my opinion the author did a wonderful job on those characters. I really love this book it's one of my favorites. There are things that do bug me about it though like when Evan leaves and then comes back it never explains why he just came back to me that didn't make a lot of sense. And I really hated how Emma wanted to keep Evan close but then push him away at the last minute she seemed wishy washy the way she kept doing that. But I do understand why she did it, but it bothered me. The only thing I really hate about this book is the epilogue!! Because you really have no idea what happened and you have to wait for the next book!! Overall this book is amazing even with the bad parts in it. It is very well written and very emotional!