Always You by Kristy Moseley

Always You - Kirsty Moseley

I will be honest, when I started this book I didn't have a whole lot of hope for it because of all the bad reviews I've read. But I decided I wanted to take a chance on it, because I've liked other books I've read by this author.

The book is about Riley having a wonderful best whose she's know her whole life practically. He's always there for her, and they are very close. They tell each other everything, and they are constantly spending time together, even doing sleep overs. 
Clay has always loved Riley, but just been afraid to tell her how he really feels. Until things start to change between them. Riley starts to notice that she feels more for Clay than just friendship. But she thinks he could never want her, or a real relationship so she goes to the arms of a guy Clay can't stand. 

Let the drama begin. There is a lot of drama in this book. It was crazy all of the stuff that happened to Clay and Riley. I did enjoy there relationship though. I loved how they did get together, and stayed together even through all of the bad stuff. 

I have to say this book was only okay though. It had too many things that really bothered me for me to actually consider thinking it was good. For instance, I didn't like any part of the middle of the book. I just liked the ending, and the beginning. But I did like some of it, and it was a nice book to just relax into.