Freeing Carter by Nyrae Dawn

Freeing Carter - Nyrae Dawn

I hate to say this but when I started this book I really just thought it would be an "okay" book one to just pass the time away with. Boy, was I WRONG! This book was truly wonderful! 

It starts with Carter thinking he has to be the perfect jock, boyfriend, friend, brother, and son. He has to be perfect and take care of everyone. He can not just be himself. He knows his mom is going through a lot, and he loves her but he hates the fact that he has to live his life taking care of her. 

This shows you a different side of alcoholism. A side that may not seem all that bad because the person is mean, but it is still something that is bad. I love how well the author could portray the feelings Carter felt about his mom. It made the book well worth reading. 

Then you throw in the mix with Kira, and it adds a little bit of life to the book. I loved her! She has this free spirit personality but she has her secrets just like Carter does. 

These two have a wonderful relationship. It starts with them being just friends but grows into a lot more. They each realize that the other is different from others that they have been with, and they get something new out of it. They actually have someone who understands them. 

I highly recommend this book!! It was wonderful!