Broken & Screwed 2 by Tijan

Broken And Screwed 2  - Tijan

Broken and Screwed 2 continues with Alex going to the same college as Jesse. She's tried getting a hold of him for a while now, but he didn't return her calls or messages. So now she's going to his house to talk to him about what happened with Ethan. She knows that Jesse knows something more that he's keeping from her. But when she actually sees him again that old spark is back. 

Jesse knows how he feels about Alex. But Alex doesn't have a clue. She isn't even sure how she really feels. With her family abandoning her, and her friends she's left with nothing. Inside as well. There's just numbness inside her. But Jesse makes her feel alive, he makes her feel period. 

Along with Jesse and Alex getting together, they have to deal with the secrets they both keep, and the people around them who aren't too happy they are together.

I really enjoyed this book for the most part. I kind of felt like there should have been more. More of what I'm not sure, but I just wanted more for it. I really loved how Alex dealt with everything except towards the end I didn't really get that. Also Jesse seems to be different now. He's admitting his feelings for her, and he's pretty much open about everything now. Except his major secret. The writing was awesome as usual with this author's books. And I was thoroughly entertained the entire time I read it. Once I started I couldn't put it down. Now I'm super excited for the next books in the series.