Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

Murder of Crows  - Anne Bishop

Murder of Crows begins with Meg seeing something bad happen to the Crows. She doesn't understand exactly what's going on with her, the Crows, or Simon. The Crows she keeps having visions about but she didn't need to cut herself. Then with Simon she woke up to him sleeping beside her as a human not wolf. She isn't sure what to think about that, and she's not sure how to figure out how to help herself either. With more humans out to try to take over the Others, and with the Others not going to put up with tension is rising in the communities. And Simon can't understand his feelings towards Meg, any more than she understands hers towards him. But they must stand together to help out the humans, and the Others. 

I really liked this one, but it wasn't as good as the first one. I loved how we are getting to see a little bit of maybe Meg and Simon having some kind of relationship. Even though I think that will be seriously hard to accomplish. But I do hope to see Simon and Meg get together. Because as of now they have this beautiful relationship. And Meg is one of the sweetest heroines ever. I wish there had been more of her point of view in this story, but it was still really good. And now I look forward to more in this series!