A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean

A Bloody Good Secret - Sierra Dean

A Bloody Good Secret begins with Secret taking a three month long hiatus from all of the tasks she's been given from the previous book. Now she's suppose to kill her old warden because they claim he is a traitor. But Secret knows he would never betray them especially her. Now she's having crazy dreams about him. And she's not getting along with Lucas once he has her brought back home.. So Secret has a whole lot going on in this book.

I really did liked this one. I loved the plot, and how awesome Secret is. But the thing that is making me dislike this series so far, and this book is the fact that Secret has so many "boyfriends." I mean seriously she's sleeping with one guy who she loves apparently, then she loves another guy who is his best friend but they aren't getting along, then she's making out with her warden, and last but not least she's snuggling with one of her vampire boss' so seriously I'm tired of her having all of these guys. She needs to just have ONE guy. Seriously Just ONE that she's with. That is my rant so far with this series. This book would have probably been a five star to me if not for that fact.
Ugh anyways now I'm on to the next book!