The Alpha Claims A Mate by Georgette St. Clair

The Alpha Claims A Mate (A BBW Paranormal Romance) - Georgette St. Clair

The story begins when Ginger goes out of town to get away from her home for awhile. While there she sees the local Alpha at the bar going from one woman to the next, constantly flirting and being arrogant. So when he comes up to her and DEMANDS her to dance with him.. She tells him no in a not so nice fashion and walks out... But the next day she realizes what a horrible mistake she made when her Alpha forces her to work for the local Alpha to keep them from going to war over this. So she has to work with the sexy sheriff for the next two weeks.. And sparks will fly 

This book was okay. I liked the plot line mostly. But I just felt like it was very rushed, and that we didn't really get a chance to learn anything about any of the characters. And then the main plot twist just seemed kind of dumb since we really didn't know much of the back history about it, or really anything else about it either. I did like the chemistry between the hero and heroine though, that was really awesome. So over all the book was okay.