Blood Scent by Maggie Mundy

Blood Scent - Maggie Mundy

This is a short story about a vampire who has spent most of his life killing other vampires, and a report who has spent most of her life in sadness finding each other.

It starts out with one night Kellie needs to get a story so she goes where some man told her to go to find vampires. While there she happens upon two vampires, and witnesses one kill the other. The vampire who killed was Trent, a very beautiful vampire who is suppose to be out killing Rouge vampires. After Kellie witnesses this she ends up helping Trent get home. From there they decide on having one night to get rid of the pain each other has.

But neither of them expected for their feelings to be much more than physical so quickly. And later on a lot of stuff happens. Bad people are after Kellie, and she and Trent realize they love each other.

This short story has lots of stuff packed in it for being so short. First off it is a vampire romance. Then there is action, and add a splash of drama and you have a pretty okay short story. :)