Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Bitten  - Kelley Armstrong

Bitten is about Elena being a werewolf living with a human boyfriend. She says she's happy even though she doesn't act like herself, and she has to hide the whole werewolf thing. But she choose to ignore her pack for the sake of feeling like a human. Until she gets a call from her alpha telling her they need her and it is urgent. 

So she goes back to the pack to help with some rogue werewolves. But things get worse when Elana has to deal with her past, Clay, and everything else. 

This book had a good plot to it. And I enjoyed most of the characters. However, I couldn't stand Elana. I really hated how she was just going to try to be something she wasn't even though it could end up hurting the people she cared about. I felt like she was an extremely selfish brat most of the book. The only thing I liked about her was her courage toward the end. Other than that she made me dislike the book a lot. Not sure if I will read anymore in this series, but it was an interesting read.