Alexandra's Legacy by N.J. Walters

Alexandra's Legacy  - N.J. Walters

When I read the preview of this book I thought it was going to be really good, so I gave it a chance. 

It's about Alex are girl who lives with her father learning one day she is a half werewolf, and her father is a full blooded werewolf who kept this secret from her to protect her all her life. Now since she is coming in "heat" she needs a mate, and there are tons of single male werewolves out to find her to force her to be their mate. 

The story line seemed pretty interesting at first, but then it just kind of fizzeled out after the first few chapters. I really liked Alex, she had a wonderful personality and I saw her as a very strong women. But she was the only thing I really enjoyed about this book. 

Everything else just fell flat for me. I didn't like the way the relationship happened so quickly between Alex, and Joshua. I also didn't like how she all of a sudden knew things about werewolves when they hadn't been explained to her. I was majorly disappointed in this book. I did not enjoy it at all.