The Keeping by Nicky Charles

The Keeping  - Nicky Charles

I can not believe I was able to finish this book. I really couldn't get into this book, it just wasn't for me. 
It starts out with Melody finding Ryne to do an interview about his photography. But when she does find Ryne she discovers it's not going to be easy to get this interview. He is a very private person, and he doesn't want her snooping around his house, or his life. Ryne just wants Melody gone, but something is attracting him to her, and he can't figure out what it is. Melody also can not stand Ryne but something is bringing her closer to him, and she's constantly wanting to know what he is hiding. 

I thought the idea of this book was good. But I felt that it was way too long for what the main story actually was. It seemed the story was just drawn out for no reason at all, a lot of the things that happened I could have done without because it was keeping the story from being "on track" and I got quite bored with at these times. Towards the end it did get better, but overall I am not a fan of this book, and I will not be reading the next one.