The Mating by Nicky Charles

The Mating  - Nicky Charles

I had read some really good reviews about this book, and it was FREE so I decided to try it out. Considering it was free that made me view it a little more highly than if I had paid for it. The story is about Elise being forced to mate with the Alpha of another pack to keep the pack's alliance. She doesn't know this Alpha at all, and he doesn't know anything about her, but they are quickly thrown together to mate. And then as soon as they mate she's forced to leave her home and friends behind to move to his territory. 
I enjoyed the story to this book, it was very interesting. And I liked Elise's character, she was very brave even though her whole life was changing she was still trying to make due with what she had. And she wanted to do her duty for her pack by mating with the Alpha she didn't know. 
Throughout the book I didn't really get a grasp on Kane's personality or emotions. He seemed almost like a void to me even though he was a round a lot. And I truly hated the fact that "Marla" had Kane wrapped around her finger. It made me think way less of Kane, and it also made me dislike the book. I can not stand books where the women has the man believing something that's not true it really bugs me when these kinds of character's are thrown into a story because I absolutely hate them!! So that is why I'm saying this book is only okay. It wasn't that long either, so if your looking for a werewolf story to pass the time but not leave a huge impression I recommend this book.