Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright

Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright

Feral Sins is a wonderful werewolf story. Taryn and Trey are both two people holding back their emotions, but come together in need of each other's help. They mate, then they have to deal with all of the effects of being mated, and all of the people who oppose it. This was a very well written romance, with lots of drama, action, and laughs. There is only one part of the book that I did not like. It is towards the end, it really contradicts how possessive Trey is of Taryn through all of the book, and it makes the feelings they share not as genuine. If this part wasn't in the book, along with all of the hints to it throughout the book, I would say this is a four star, but because of this it is only a three star. I do hope the next book in this series doesn't have something like this in it. If it does I may not be reading it.