Toxic Girl by Chantal Fernando

Toxic Girl - Chantal Fernando
Toxic girl begins with Paris starting a new school. She just wants to be invisible and not make any friends. But that all changes when Grayson notices her. Grayson is basically the most popular hottest got at uni. He's also very rich but Paris doesn't want to deal with any of that especially with her secret, but she's finding it hard to resist his charms. Grayson and Paris have a explosive relationship. 
The book actually reminds me a little bit of Beautiful Disaster, with the way Paris and Grayson kept fighting and what the fight were about. That really got annoying sometimes in the book because they kept fighting over the same freaking thing neither one of them moving past when they forgave each other. But I really enjoyed the ending I just wish it had been a little longer.. I love both the main characters so I give two shooting stars for that. But I add only one more star because the story wasn't all that original and it was semi short. I really did like though, for a very angsty drama infused romance it was very enjoyable but not great.