Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Unfixable - Tessa Bailey

Unfixable begins with Willa going to Ireland for a month after her breakup with her boyfriend of two years. He pushed her out of her comfort zone and tried to fix the unfixable within her.. But Willa wants to find herself now, and she thinks that a month in Ireland will help her, but she never saw him coming.

Shane just wants to help his family back on their feet, and then go back to racing. That's all he wants to do, especially with a whole lot of baggage weighing him down. But he never expected her to come into his life especially right then at the worst, or best time possible.

These two both have an instant attraction, but they each don't want to look deeper in the other so all they see is hate. Until things start to change between them. They soon start to learn things about the other that didn't fit with the first impressions they had made. Now they can't seem to stay away but they also don't know if they can be together. I mean they have totally different lives, and each have a whole lot of crap to deal with from the past. But they slowly start to figure out a way to be together, if only temporary.. or is it?

This book was amazing! It had a wonderful plot line that was written very well. Then the two main characters were extremely awesome. There was an alpha male who wasn't afraid to get what he wanted. Then there was a sarcastic female who though had some issues she quickly started to come to her senses very quickly, and it wasn't something horribly drawn out! I really enjoyed it. And I really wish it hadn't ended! Now I want to read more by this author!